What is UniX ?

UniX is a gathering of developers, who wish to expand its activities to other areas, such as streaming, gaming, graphics, tech-tips and others.
They've multiple creations to their credit, and it"s not near to stop.
Projects are organized seriously and in concrete ways, nobody is left out.
Their strength is mainly due to the complicity between members, as well as the skills of each, which allows them to know a lot of languages, API, and of diverse and varied concept.

Who are the creators?

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"I am a French Developer, who speak JavaScript,
and learn how to use PHP, Python and Ruby,
and I also use some descriptive languages like HTML and CSS."
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"I am a Belgian Developer, who speak JavaScript,
Python, SQL, Java and Android.
I am mostly a backend developer at the moment."
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"I"m a French developer, programming in JavaScript.
I like watching Formula 1 and riding my bicycle."

Join us

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